Viral Tik Tok challenge trend a year later, what experts say about dry scooping pre workout supplement powders before working out

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) -Having a Pre-workout before hitting the gym has become a common routine for many gym-goers and fitness fanatics, using aids like supplement powders and pills.

According to Harvard School of Public Health, the dietary supplements industry is estimated to reach more than $23 billion in market size by 2027.

Dry scooping became a viral sensation on social media app Tik Tok, where fitness bloggers created a challenge to ingest pre-workout supplement powder before working out. According to Good Housekeeping, some gym goers who do dry scooping will experience a boost in energy due to the high levels of caffeine.

Anthony Ramsey. Store manager at Supplement Warehouse in Rapid City says dry scooping can be dangerous if it is not mixed properly.

He states “We do not recommend dry scooping; one it does not really activate the pre workout the same way as if you were to mix it into the water. You need water in your body, and you need to consume it with water for it to actually work to its full effect. Obviously, you have choking hazards if you do not drink enough water with it.”

Most supplement powders provide their ingredients and instructions on how to ingest properly but are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Dr. Abbey Metzer, sports medicine physician with Monument health in Rapid City says powders can be safe when used in the recommended manner and dosage.

She states “So, it is safe when used appropriately and used through the right avenues, obviously you want to make sure the products in there are safe. The philosophy behind why the people on Tik Tok were doing it is because they believed it got absorbed faster. It is not science based and it was actually getting absorbed in quick increments in time because your stomach is so acidic you are not adding the water or milk to neutralize it.”

Metzer says the biggest recommendation is to combine nutrition along with supplements for the full effect.

She states “So, any athlete or anyone or anybody trying to be active, it does not have to be anyone playing organized sport…just somebody who wants to get out and move…your biggest thing is optimizing your nutrition first and then the next thing is if you need to start supplementing that protein that can work well for you, but the biggest thing is if you are not getting that protein during the rest of the day…it is really not giving you as good of results as you could get…essentially.

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