The 15 Best-Smelling Men’s Body Washes

What’s the point of a body wash if it doesn’t smell fantastic? A clean scented body wash with additional cleansing power is the best way to get going in the morning or recover after a workout session or long day. So how do you find a product that is kind to your skin and smells great, too? Well, start by checking out this list of best smelling body washes for men!

Why Men Need a Body Wash Rather Than Soap

You might think that soap and water are all you need to get clean and feel refreshed. While daily showering washes away decomposed cells and sebum and gets rid of odor, soap products can actually do damage by stripping the skin of the natural oils it needs. This means you can get out of the shower with that tight-skin feeling and start scratching away at itchy flakes.

Body wash should be a go-to hygiene product for men thanks to its ability to cleanse the skin of odor-causing bacteria while also hydrating and nourishing skin and leaving a lingering scent. Active men will want to seek out a body wash formula that is specifically geared towards body odor and sweat so they can make it through the day still feeling clean and avoid bacteria buildup.

Some body washes just mask body odors with strong fragrances, but the best products target the source of body odor in order to prevent your stink from ever developing. Then, naturally-derived fragrances can leave you with a gentle aroma that lasts throughout the day.

What Causes Body Odor?

As with all bad smells of an organic nature, bacteria are the source of body odor. When skin and hair cells break down and mix with sebum (a natural oil that your skin produces), it can become a breeding ground for bacteria, which thrive in moist environments.

Since men have more sweat glands and larger sweat glands than women, they get a bad rap for being the smellier sex. This, along with diet, stress, toiletries, and genetics, can contribute to unwanted body odor.

The body produces two different kinds of sweat from two different types of sweat glands: eccrine and apocrine. The eccrine glands cover most of the body and produce an odorless seat of salt and water. These glands are stimulated through heat and humidity, stress, anxiety, anger, and certain foods. Apocrine glands are found where body odor is common such as the armpits and groin. They secrete a substance composed of lipids, protein, and carbohydrates. The bacterial breakdown of the lipids and protein cause body odor.

Using a body wash daily in the shower can eliminate the smell of bacteria and body odor and keep the body smelling clean for the rest of the day.

Tips for Using Body Wash

Body wash is generally much thinner and foamier than bar soap, so there are a few things you need to keep in mind when washing up:

  1. Use a Shower Tool

A washcloth or loofah will help make the most of the body wash by distributing it evenly over the body. Using hands to wash is not as effective in cleaning and wastes a lot of the product. A washcloth or loofah generates more lather and acts as an exfoliant to clear the skin of dirt, oil, and dead skin.

  1. Less is More

Less really is more when it comes to body wash. If you pour big dollips of product into your hands before applying to your body, most of it will end up going down the drain. A dime-sized amount on a loofah is probably sufficient to get the body clean.

  1. Use it for the Body Only

Body wash was not made for the face unless it is specifically labeled as a multi-purpose cleanser. Since the skin on the face is often more sensitive, it can become dry and irritated with body wash. Stick to using a separate face wash and then apply the body wash everywhere else.

  1. Rinse, Rinse, Rinse

Body wash needs to be rinsed off well with warm water so that there is no residue leftover. Otherwise, it can cause irritation or dryness. Make sure none of the body wash stays on the body when you end the shower.

How to Pick the Right Body Wash Scent

Scent can be as much of a part of style as clothes are. How we smell tells people a little about us, as different scents carry different associations. For example, citrus scents are very clean, more casual, and usually less intense. Spicy scents tend to be more sensual, and woodsy scents refreshing and straightforward.

Selecting a body wash is no different than choosing a cologne. Many body washes are made up of a base, mid, and top note of scent just like colognes. When looking for the right body wash, search for products that use natural ingredients to bring out the best in your skin.The product’s fragrance should be appealing and not overpowering, especially if you plan on applying cologne after your shower.

It may take a while to find the body wash scent that suits you best, but to get you started, we’ve compiled this list of best smelling body washes for men!

  1. Blu Atlas Body Wash

Rated the best natural body wash for men, Blu Atlas’ body wash creates a satisfying lather that uses natural ingredients to cleanse skin and then leaves you smelling fresh and manly all day long. Shea butter and aloe leaf juice lend softening properties to your skin while sugar cane extract exfoliates and green tea brings antioxidant power.

The scent of this wash unfolds slowly, revealing a comforting base layer of amber and vanilla essential oils, mid notes of patchouli, and a refreshing top layer of bergamot and apple. The best part about this body wash is that it harnesses the power of natural ingredients to bring you the perfect pick-me-up while going easy on skin.

2. Ahava Men’s Mineral Bathe Gel


For over three decades, Ahava has built a reputation for using skin-friendly, natural ingredients that combine the best of nature and science. The Ahava scientists use natural beauty ingredients from the Dead Sea to create a signature blend of potent minerals. These ingredients, including magnesium, sodium, potassium, and calcium, strengthen and rejuvenate skin.

Not only does Ahava Men’s Mineral Bath Gel harness the natural power of sea minerals and aloe vera extract for optimal moisturization, but also this formula features an irresistible citrus scent that is undeniably refreshing. Skin smoothing conditioners ensure well hydrated skin without harmful parabens or allergens.

3. Cremo Blue Cedar & Cyprus Body Wash


This is not your average drugstore body wash. Cremo has created a body wash that, as they put it, is “astonishingly superior.” As you lather on this classic formula, an enticing fragrance is slowly revealed, leaving a welcoming aroma made up of woodsy and citrusy notes. Its rich lather allows you to use only a little of the product at a time, plus it leaves your skin feeling refreshed and not sticky. This effect is thanks to powerful ingredients such as glycerin and aloe which condition skin at its deepest levels.

Cremo offers a few different body wash scents, but a fan favorite is definitely the Cedar & Cyprus blend, which is straightforward, masculine, and smells high end.

4. Old Spice Hydro Wash


Old Spice is a well-known men’s body care brand. This convenient 2-in1 wash works to clean both body and hair. This wash, which is part of the Hardest Working Collection, contains more dirt-destroying qualities than ordinary body washes and it’s especially designed for dry skin to ensure optimal hydration.

This product is not only prized for its cleaning ability! Old Spice Hydro Wash in Pure Sport Plus is a one-of-a-kind fragrance that gives off an aroma you’ll recognize as classically masculine. Users love the cool and refreshing scent that has earthy notes and a hint of spice, making this an absolute go-to for everyday use.

5. Molton Brown Re-charge Black Pepper Shower Gel


Black pepper may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the ideal body wash scent, but it’s actually Molton Brown’s signature aroma! That’s because the spicy kicks of pepper perfectly complement notes of lemon, ambergris, ginger, oakmoss, and coriander for a refreshing scent that jumpstarts your day. The award-winning fragrance was created by Jacques Chabert, Master Perfumer, who describes Re-charge Black Pepper as a bridge between citrus and woody aromas.

Not only does this thick wash smell amazing, but it lasts way beyond the shower. The scent lingers on the body for most of the day. This vegan and paraben-free body wash also lathers nicely so it does a great job of getting rid of smells caused by dirt, oil, and sweat, replacing them with a masculine scent.

If black pepper isn’t your thing, look out for Molton Brown’s tobacco or leather body washes which are favorites among the company’s loyal customers.

6. Bath and Body Works 3-in-1 Hair and Body Wash in Whiskey Reserve


Bath and Body Works is without a doubt best known for their women’s line of lotions, hand creams, and body washes, but they also have a men’s line that smells just as good. Part of the Bath and Body Works’ Men Collection is the whiskey reserve scent, which is a blend of crisp apple, single malt whiskey, and white oak. Don’t worry about the scent fading away—users claim that it lasts for the entire day.

The body wash not only smells good but is also dermatologist-tested and includes vitamin E and aloe to nourish and condition the hair and skin. And it comes in a convenient 3-in-1 formula that is gentle enough to use on the face and strong enough to cleanse your skin after a workout or dissolve grease in oily hair.

7. Anthony Invigorating Rush Hair + Body Wash


Start your day right with Anthony Invigorating Rush Hair + Body Wash to wake up your senses. The scent is a masculine ‘alpine wood’ that brings all that energy and clean air of a pine forest. It is fresh, bold, and rugged.

The scent may remind you of the forest, and so will the ingredients, thanks to natural elements like birch leaf, Canadian balsam, eucalyptus, and sage leaf extract. These provide superior moisturization. Plus, this formula works great on both hair and body, meaning you can cut down on the number of products in your shower.

8. Barrel and Oak Men Bourbon Cedar All-in-One Body Wash


Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Barrel and Oak has a full line of men’s grooming products that focuses on function and quality. They are made with outdoorsmen in mind. Bourbon cedar is Barrel and Oak’s signature scent, found not only in their body wash but also in deodorant, bar soap, lotion, and shaving cream. The aroma is smoky and woody, with bourbon and notes of vanilla, lemon, and lavender.

If you are a laid back guy who prefers to keep his grooming routine as simple as possible, you’ll love the convenience of this “all in one” product that tackles dirt and grime on the face, body and hair. This best smelling body wash for men is also earth-friendly with natural fragrances and essential oils and is free of parabens. Organic white birch extract purifies the skin for a balanced cleansing and Brazilian yerba mate extract energizes the skin. Panthenol (vitamin B-5) hydrates the hair and beard.

9. Rugged and Dual Purpose Skin Fuel


Natural ingredients for the win! Orange peel tincture, tea tree oil, rosehip and borage all provide joint fragrance and healing power to help cleanse and protect skin. This product forms a rich lather and leaves a subtle fragrance on your skin that lasts for hours.

This product can do it all–deodorize, clean, revive, and perfume your skin. The formula is made to balance moisture and restock essential nutrients and is suitable for all types of skin including dry, sensitive, and oily. Because it is multi-purpose, the lather is able to clean the skin, hair, and scalp, and is ideal for active men.

10. Baxter of California Invigorating Body Wash Citrus and Herbal Musk Essence


Baxter of California’s Invigorating Body Wash in the citrus and herbal musk signature scent is high-quality and refreshing. With jojoba and vitamin E oils, this luxurious body wash softens and hydrates the skin without stripping it of natural moisture.

This is a great product to use after the gym or any workout as it gets rid of odors and leaves a mild smell. The body wash also comes in a set that includes the Citrus & Herbal Musk Vitamin Cleansing Bar and deodorant to ensure that you smell great all day.

11. L’Occitane Homme Shower Body Wash


This high-quality french brand works with French farmers to ensure that all its ingredients are sourced as sustainably as possible and are of the best quality. Their ingredients are organically derived to guarantee the absence of additional chemical inputs.

L’Occitane has skin care collections for both men and women, including this best smelling body wash for men. Essential oils such as juniper, sandalwood, and rosemary combine to make an alluring scent and help shea butter to soften and condition the skin. Use this as a shampoo to ensure that the scent of lavender, nutmeg, and burned wood linger all day.

12. Burt’s Bees Body Wash


While they may be best known for their lip balms, Burt’s Bees also creates a winning body wash made with men in mind. Winner of the Allure Readers Choice Awards, this product is made from 99.9% natural ingredients, with coconut oil as a superstar thanks to its moisturizing properties.

This plant-based cleansing complex leaves skin clean and can even be used to shave without irritation. Plus, it leaves a subtle citrus and ginger smell which energizes you from the inside out.

13. Billy Jealousy Devil’s Delight Black Pepper/Sandalwood


When Pat Parsi started this company in 2004, he had no idea that his business that focused on high-quality men’s grooming products would catch on so well. In fact, his line has received nods from popular publications such as Men’s Health, Esquire, and GQ. Thanks to high-quality ingredients and scents men love, Billy Jealousy is now a cult favorite.

This Devil’s Delight Body Wash nourishes and hydrates the skin then leaves a decadent and intoxicating smell. The black pepper and sandalwood are spicy, warm, and manly. THen glycerin, coconut oil, and shea butter work together to soothe dry skin without leaving a greasy residue.

The body wash is also vegan, sulfate and paraben free, and cruelty-free which makes it an addition to the bathroom shelf that you can feel good about.

14. Everyone 3-in-1 Soap


Showering just became so much easier, thanks to 3-in-1 products like this that save you time in the shower. Use this formula from Everyone as a body wash, shampoo, and shaving cream. Natural ingredients will help nourish skin and hair, while the simple cedar and citrus scent is all you need to start your day.

15. 18.21 Man Made Wash Sweet Tobacco


This 3-in-1 shampoo, beard wash, and body wash by 18.21 offers a long-lasting manly aroma. Inspired by Prohibition-era speakeasies, the fragrance combines sweet Virginia pipe tobacco scent with exclusive oils. Notes of saffron and dried fruits counteract sweet tonka bean, manuka honey, and vanilla.

Customers claim that this is the best body wash they have ever used. Plus, it leaves you with refreshed, soft skin thanks to macadamia glycerides, hydrolyzed quinoa, and jojoba esters.

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The 15 Best-Smelling Men’s Body Washes