The 10 Most Popular Skincare Products on InStyle 2022

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Congratulations! We’ve made it through a quarter of the year. I’ll spare you a recap of what the world has been through, but as a beauty writer, I’m going to focus on a topic I know best: skincare. 

This year, InStyle readers have been as intrigued by skincare as ever — and while looking through the most popular products of the first four months of 2022, I noticed some trends. Anti-aging is still a foremost priority to shoppers. Retinol continues to remain in the spotlight (it’s the active ingredient in four of the products). Eight of the top 10 are specifically for anti-aging, and even the two that aren’t labeled for it specifically —  Tatcha’s Dewy Serum and Dermelect’s Smooth & Supple Lip Mask — still offer anti-aging benefits by hydrating skin and lips. 

The next trend is another no-brainer: Plump, smooth, and moisturized skin is in. Plus, shoppers are very open to niche, non-household names if the results are great and/or the reviews are glowing. A firming eye cream from a brand called Kleem Organics was one of the most popular products, for example. Keep reading to browse the entire list of InStyle readers’ favorite beauty finds of 2022 so far. 

Starting off the list is the Medix 5.5 Retinol Cream, a body treatment that has developed the type of fervent fan base usually reserved for face products. Many of the thousands of five-star ratings come from shoppers in their 50s, 60s, and 70s who praise the way it drastically firms and softens skin. 

The customer-loved Kleem Organics Firming Eye Cream not only has thousands of five-star ratings, but it’s also currently 45 percent off (it doesn’t get much better than that). Shoppers repeatedly mention its effectiveness at reducing the appearance of under-eye bags and softening wrinkles. 

Aspen Kay is a small beauty brand based in Clearwater, Florida, and its  top-rated Glow Oil is formulated with a heavy-hitting trifecta of turmeric, chamomile, and rosehip. Reviewers wrote that the $23 hydrating treatment works better than more expensive products with buzzier ingredients.

Currently on sale with a clickable coupon, Olay’s 7 in 1 Firming Night Cream is another great multi-use option. The product claims to moisturize, even out skin tone, improve brightness, reduce wrinkles, firm skin, and more; it’s a tall order, but the nearly 3,000 five-star Amazon ratings and popularity with InStyle readers suggests it lives up to its claim and gets the job done. 

Because of how often we use our hands, they can be among the first areas to show signs of aging. This cream, however, essentially turns back the clock, according to the testimonies of thrilled users. The star ingredient is vitamin A, more commonly known as retinol, which is known to reduce wrinkles and improve overall skin texture. 

You may havee seen the Hanacure mask before. It’s been all over the social media feeds of celebrities and TikTok users who can’t help but share their experiences with the “game changer.” Once the tightening mask is removed, shoppers say the firming, wrinkle-reducing effects are near instantaneous. 

Tatcha seems to have an endless array of all-star products, and its Dewy Serum is just one of them. The ultra-hydrating formula exfoliates and plumps, leaving skin with less wrinkles and an almost glass-like complexion. 

Dermelect’s Lip Mask is beloved by reviewers as well as InStyle readers and editors. The jojoba- and castor oil-rich formula quenches parched lips and provides a non-sticky layer that keeps hydration in. It’s like a lightweight puffer coat for your lips. 

The only product that has remained steadfast in popularity from December 2021 is Dermelect’s Smooth Upper Lip Anti-Aging Treatment. This product continues to impress shoppers and InStyle readers for its ability to almost completely reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. It makes sense when you realize that three of the main ingredients are hyaluronic acid, retinol, and collagen.

Retinol has a reputation for causing redness and irritation on sensitive skin, which is especially horrifying in the area surrounding your eyes. But shoppers are unequivocally thrilled with Versed’s affordable eye balm thanks to its non-irritating retinoid formula that’s able to lighten even the most stubborn dark circles.