Natural supplements for health, beauty, and wellness

You have probably heard this many times: self-care is (a form of) self-love. It is important to take care of yourself first so that you can better love and take care of others. If not, you will find yourself physically and emotionally drained one day. Or it could even be worse. 

There are many ways to take care of yourself—your health, beauty, and wellness—such as choosing healthier food options, exercising regularly, and making life decisions that are good for you not just today but in the long run. It is not always easy, but you can start with simple life changes such as taking supplements to give your body the nourishment it needs. 

LifeFood, a Filipino brand that offers an extensive line of scientifically proven safe, effective, and functional supplements in various food formats, recently introduced its newest product—the snack-able LifeFood Collagen Jelly made for body nourishment. Not only does it give nourishment to the body, but it is also a good addition to one’s beauty regimen. Plus, it tastes good! Think of it as a dessert packed with nutrients yet sans the guilt. 

Glowing skin is always in

“This newest product in LifeFood’s roster of supplements aids in achieving healthy, glowing skin. Every stick of this jelly supplement, which you can conveniently take any time of the day, contains 2500mg or 2.5g of hydrolyzed marine collagen that plays a vital part in making your skin plump and supple,” says Abi Nepomuceno, Synnovate Director and Business Unit Head of LifeFood, during the media launch. 

According to Nepucemo, collagen is naturally abundant in our body, however, aging as well as environmental factors affect the production of this substance, making the skin more prone to certain issues. This is perhaps the reason why a lot of people, women especially, turned to taking collagen supplements as it is proven to not just nourish the body but also help achieve healthy skin.

An article on Healthy Option’s website stated that when it comes to collagen supplementation, research is still inconclusive, but seems to show that oral consumption may have positive effects. A paper published in Skin Pharmacology and Physiology indicated that the intake of collagen peptides for eight weeks reduced wrinkles and improved skin health. (Other studies suggest that collagen supplements also have a positive effect on joint health and digestive health.)”

Health experts say that the best thing to do is to start with a balanced diet to safeguard and stimulate collagen production. Foods that are rich in Vitamin C (like citrus fruits and red bell peppers), Vitamin A (like sweet potatoes and other yellow or orange vegetables), omega-3 fatty acids (like salmon), and lean protein (like turkey) are great aids. 

Complement your diet with LifeFood Collagen Jelly, which has litchi seed extract, pomegranate essence, and grape skin extract that contains resveratrol for maintaining skin moisture and firmness, preventing signs of skin aging like dullness and wrinkles, and reducing damage. These natural ingredients’ strong antioxidant properties protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals that are triggered by daily exposure to sunlight, air pollution, and other environmental stressors.

Apart from keeping skin healthy, LifeFood Collagen Jelly supplement also helps nourish the hair and nails as collagen can also prevent brittleness and help ensure they grow healthier.

You can order your LifeFood Collagen Jelly from the Synnovate Store at Lazada and Shopee. 

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Bringing out the natural beauty and health of your hair 

Speaking of self-care, one of the country’s most sought-after hair artists, Fendi Dudi, believes that when it comes to matters of hair, bringing its natural beauty is best. 

Walking into his studio for a hair consultation, Dudi took a quick look at my head and exclaimed, ”Oh, you’re not taking care of your scalp! You have a problem with falling hair.” 

I was surprised (and low-key amazed) at how quickly he pointed out a not-so-obvious hair situation. Then again, he’s an expert. 

I haven’t been nice to my crown of hair, especially these past few months. I’ve been spending quite a lot of time outdoors, under the summer swelter, and sometimes without a hat on. Not to mention the hair treatment I’ve had which made my hair look nice but, it resulted in my having weak hair roots and an unhappy scalp. Indeed, it was time to see a hair doctor. 

“You’ll be doing your scalp a favor if you allow your hair to grow naturally with the aid of non-harmful hair products. It’s about repairing and strengthening from the inside out,” he said.

His hip and celebrity-approved Nue Studio uses plant-based treatments for the hair from Aveda brand complemented with top-of-the-line equipment you won’t usually see in some hair salons. For one, instead of hot iron, they adapted a Japanese technology of using a hair-friendly steamer plus cold iron as part of the treatment. 

Dudi is generous in sharing his knowledge about hair health, giving tips on how to take better care of your hair and scalp. “Revive first the healthy and natural growth of your hair, and let your scalp take a break. Then you can have it treated to hair colors when it is ready.” 

Nue Studio is located on the ground floor of Promenade Mall in Greenhills, San Juan City. However, I was told they will soon transfer to Makati City.

The Fendi Dudi LifeFood team

Check out their official Instagram account for updates on this. 

Needless to say, I stepped out of Nue Studio with healthier hair and a happier me. Now, if you will excuse me, I have some (unhealthy) hair products to let go of. 

Natural supplements for health, beauty, and wellness