FitDoge launches a train-to-earn fitness app integrated with blockchain.

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Dubai, UAE, May 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FitDoge is a train-to-earn fitness app integrated with blockchain, where anyone can earn money by exercising at the gym. FitDoge is a unique web 3.0 migration app that has revolutionized the web 3.0 world. FitDoge has introduced great features such as a fitness club, coaching, multi-sports and casual mode so that people can have fun and benefit from the FitDoge ecosystem.

The FitDoge concept is simple. Buy a virtual wristband connect with FitDoge App, tracking your trainings in GYM. Now there is an opportunity to become the owner of a virtual bracelet by participating in the launchpad.

In single player mode, users can earn tokens without paying anything, you don’t need NFT to earn tokens. Energy is required to earn FitDoge Tokens (FITD). Each 1 Energy is equal to 1 hour of earning training and Energy, which starts to replenish ONLY after users exhaust the current one. Every 24 hours, only 3 energy will be available to you, you have to spend it on training in the gym to get FITD tokens, you can exchange them on the open market in a pair of FITD/BNB.

FITD will be paid out for every minute of movement, which is dependent on 2 main factors:

  1. Your profile level – Train more and level up to earn more, and those who have staked FITD tokens will be able to level up significantly.

  2. Train harder – Your heart rate tracker and GPS will track and make decisions whether you train weakly or hard, if the tracker sees a good result every workout, you will be credited with more tokens.

Once Energy is depleted, users stop earning tokens. They can either choose to carry on tracking their movements, or manually exit Earn Mode by briefly holding down the Stop button.

Earn Mode Earning Cap

Solo Mode has both a Daily Energy Cap and Daily Token Cap. These limits restrict the amount of Energy and tokens that users can have per day.

Daily Energy Cap

Users start the game with 3/3 Energy. Max Energy Caps at 3/3, but may be more if you have a high level of your account.

Daily Token Cap

Users start the game with a 5/5 Daily FITD Cap. The Daily Token Cap maxes out at 10 000 FITD. User can further permanently increase the FITD cap beyond 10000/10000 by burning some FITD. This option will only become visible when you reach 90% of your current Daily Cap.

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