Does Walking Burn Fat? 7 Effective Exercises to Make the Most of Walking

Walking regularly leads to numerous health benefits, including weight loss. It is also one of the most simple and cost-effective types of exercises that helps you remain active in the easiest way possible.

Although walking is not the most complex exercise, it is an efficient approach to lose weight and get in shape. While you can’t shed fat in specific areas (spot-reduction), walking can help you lose general body fat, including belly fat.

Does walking burn fat?

So, if you’re just placing one foot in front of another and strolling or jogging, not running, are you burning calories?

YES! In a nutshell, walking does burn fat. Walking is a form of cardio exercise that causes the body to enter a “fat-burning zone.” The fat-burning zone simply refers to the sort of fuel your body prefers to burn while you exercise at a reduced intensity.

Simply put, the more intense the workout, the more carbohydrates your body likes to consume as fuel (although it still likely burns some fats). When you exercise at lower speeds and use less effort, your body converts fat molecules to fuel.

7 Effective exercises to make the most of walking

Whether you want to lose weight, gain energy, improve your mood, or simply tone up in a few key areas, these exercises, if done regularly, will help you stay fit:

1) Sprint walk

Sprint walking provides you with rapid bursts of movements and an elevated heart rate, which aids in weight loss. It is just as if not more effective than an hour of jogging. The faster you walk, the further you can go and more calories you can burn .This simple exercise routine can burn up to 175 calories in under 10 minutes for an average person, and when you weigh more, the number of calories you burn increases proportionally.

To perform sprint walking:

  • Warm up for 5 minutes by doing a brisk walk.
  • Then walk as rapidly as you can for 10 minutes.
  • Turn around and walk back at a fast pace, slowing down as you get closer to your starting location to cool down.
  • Aim to walk faster and further than your first turning point each time you undertake this workout and track your progress.

2) 60 minutes walk

A long walking session is as satisfying as an intense workout in a gym. It fatigues your body and elevates your mood because of that post-physical activity bliss. Long sessions of walking can also help you get in shape for a larger objective like a half marathon. Another benefit of this routine is that it allows you to be more social. Pair with a friend and have fun while you burn all that fat away!

3) Core walk

Core walk routine helps you tone up your abdominal area and overall core strength. Use this method throughout any walk to focus on sculpting your abdominal muscles:

  • Draw your abs inwards toward your spine. Keep the contraction going for the duration of your walk, but don’t hold your breathing.
  • Consider extending your legs above your navel.
  • When one leg swings forth and back, so should the hip. Your lower torso rotates as a result of this modest hip swivel, engaging more ab muscles and tightening your midsection faster.


4) Treadmill walk

Treadmills are the ideal excuse-buster because they aren’t dependent on the weather, traffic, or darkness.The only thing you have to do is just carry yourself to the treadmill and start walking. As you get consistent, your speed improves and you get fitter, which is also a great motivator.

To burn more calories than a average session in half an hour, try this routine:

  • Warm up for 5 minutes at 3.4 mph.
  • Then complete a 60-second speed interval at 4 mph, followed by a 60-second recovery interval at 3.4 mph.
  • After three repetitions of these sets, cool down for five minutes at 3.4 mph.

5) Walking plank

And you thought the standard plank was tough! This variation works the front of your shoulders like no other while also putting a strain on your stabilizer muscles.

  • Set the treadmill to 1 to 2 mph, then walk up to it and into a plank position with your hands on the treadmill base’s sides.
  • Place your hands on the treadmill band and walk forward for the entirety of the workout, keeping your body in a straight line from head to heels.

6) Crab walk

Although you probably haven’t done a crab walk since elementary school, it’s still an excellent workout. It will work your hamstrings, glutes, triceps, and core like crazy if you do it on a treadmill.

  • Set the treadmill to a speed of 1 to 2 mph, then walk up to it and assume a crab stance.
  • Face away from the treadmill, and with your back on the ground, place your hands on the side of the treadmill base.
  • Place your hands on the treadmill belt and walk forward, keeping your feet flat on the floor and your hips lifted.

This exercise keeps your heart rate going as you move a lot of muscles simultaneously, which aids in fat loss.

7) Side shuffle walk

Side shuffles tone both your inner and outer thighs as well as your calves and serve as an aerobic workout.

  • On the treadmill, increase the pace to at least 3 mph and at the most 5.5 mph while standing sideways on the treadmill with your knees slightly bent.
  • Carry out quick and rapid side shuffles, landing softly on the balls of your feet.
  • Change sides.


Walking not only helps to burn fat but also has psychological benefits. It is a stress buster – it clears your mind and keeps you focused. It is also not an age-restricted exercise, and it can be added into your routine easily.

You don’t need any special gear or equipment nor a gym membership. Just wear your walking shoes and walk out!

Q. Do you like walking as an exercise?