A Smile as Beautiful as You Are, a Hollywood Smile

ISTANBUL, May 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Known as the “Celebrity Clinic,” Mira Clinic recently began sharing its beauty secrets with a wider clientele – announcing a new website and a suite of new cosmetic services immediately available to cosmetic tourists from around the world. A leading state-of-the-art medical facility, the Mira Clinic specializes in helping patients from a wide variety of backgrounds, ranging from business professionals to screen, radio, and social media stars from across Europe, North Africa, and Asia.

Turkey is an extremely popular destination for medical tourism for a reason: the quality of Turkish medicine is absolutely top notch,” said Mohamad Abou Kalam. “But even though the Turkish medical system is filled with professionals, medical tourism is not something just anyone can do – it takes specific training, experience, and total staff dedication to facilitate the ease and treatment of patients from many different countries. And that is exactly what we do best.”

Mira Clinic: A Full Spectrum of Beauty

Famous for its cosmetic dentistry to the stars, Mira Clinic offers a full range of cosmetic surgery options including hair transplants, plastic surgery, skin rejuvenation and resurfacing, and much more. Modern procedures include:

  1. Cosmetic Dentistry: Hollywood smile, lumineers, veneers, dental implants, whitening, bonding, inlays and onlays.
  2. Hair Transplants: Follicular Unit Excision (FUE), Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), and other hair restoration techniques.
  3. Facial Beautification: Botox, dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing, and more.
  4. Cosmetic Surgery: Facelifts, brow/forehead lifts, eyelid lifts, ear pinning, nasal and nose surgery/reshaping, gastric bypass, and more.

Mira Clinic also provides luxury concierge services, helping patients plan their clinic trip in detail: from picking patients up at the airport and taking them to their hotel, to the clinic, and ensuring that their stay is a comfortable, pleasant experience.

Mira Clinic: Testimonials from the Stars

  • KHADIJA MEZIANI, Algerian actress: “I didn’t really expect to go shopping with friends after the operation, and I’m very happy with the end result. And if I have to come back, I won’t think much about it and I advise everyone to visit the clinic because it has all the cosmetic procedures.”
  • RABII SKALI, Maroc actor: “The Mira Clinic team is very professional and they treated us as if we were part of the Mira Clinic medical family. I advise everyone to visit it.”
  • FATIMA ZOHRA ROMAN, Maroc model: “The beauty of the teeth comes from the beauty of the face and it must be taken care of. I advise anyone who wants to have a dazzling white smile to visit the Mira Clinic and its very professional medical staff.”
  • KENZA MORSELI, Algerian singer: “I did dental cleaning before, which was very painful, but at Mira clinic, I didn’t feel any pain. The doctor was very gentle, and I advise everyone to come to this clinic because the medical staff is very respectful and professional.”

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About Mira Clinic: We Do Care

For nearly a decade, Mira Clinic has provided high-end cosmetic dentistry and plastic surgery services from one of the largest centers dedicated to cosmetic tourism in Turkey. Accredited by both international and Turkish medical authorities, Mira Clinic has built a practice around medical excellence and patient trust, with excellent concierge services and fully backed by the Turkish Ministry of Health. Learn more at: www.Mira-Clinic.net.

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