12 Best Body Washes for Men That Smell Amazing

An excellent body wash is essential to any man’s bathroom. This product starts your day and gets you revved up in the morning to take on the world. It isn’t just something you walk into a supermarket and get off the discount shelf. And it isn’t just about the smell, even if we spend most of our time making it sound like it is.

Everybody’s skin is different. Some guys have dry skin, some have skin that is easily irritated, and the list goes on. Finding the proper body wash for your skin type can change everything. There are body washes that focus on repairing, tightening and cleansing to keep your skin healthy and your body smelling fresh regardless of your lifestyle.

If you’re reading this, you might have already considered switching things up and treating your body to something new. Gone are the days of nasty budget-priced shower gels. Here are 12 of the best body washes for men that smell amazing and work wonders for your skin from head to toe.

1. Blu Atlas Body Wash

Toss aside that ineffective bar of soap, and upgrade to Blu Atlas’ luxurious body wash for an incredible-smelling, and rejuvenating wash. The product’s vegan-friendly formula is free of sulfates and parabens and features an all-natural formula to give your skin the best mother nature has to offer.

Using shea butter and aloe leaf juice, your body will have never felt so smooth after taking a shower. These two ingredients are full of antioxidants that are going to gently wash away dead skin cells while also helping to prevent damage in the first place. Then, there’s the all-powerful green tea extract. The reason you see green tea extract in so many products is that, well, it works. Green tea is renowned for its anti-aging properties and ability to swiftly handle free radicals. It evens out your skin tone while locking in hydration to remove any lines and wrinkles.

These all-natural ingredients repair, soothe, and protect your skin from first use. Plus, this product smells fantastic without needing any chemically-derived fragrances. Give your skin a breath of fresh air while not feeling guilty about putting chemicals into the waterways.

2. Harry’s Body Wash (Redwood)

Harry’s Body Wash is an all-natural product designed for guys with sensitive skin. It is cream-based and made with gentle ingredients to ensure the cream lathers up without the need for parabens. Additionally, Harry’s has ditched the dyes and sulfates for a more natural ingredient list.

This brilliant product is tough on grime and cleanses the skin without drying it out in any way. It leaves behind a smooth and radiant surface that is well moisturized and conditioned. Harry’s signature redwood scent is probably the product’s most robust feature. The scents of the coastal woodlands are serene, and you feel instantly at peace. If redwood is not your jam, you can choose from one of the three additional scents in the range: stone, shiso and fig.

Harry’s has been gaining a lot of attention lately as publications worldwide have begun to notice and report on this growing brand. It’s no wonder they’re becoming such a household name—they’ve got the products to back it all up! Another bonus is that you can now walk into virtually any grocery or drugstore in America if you want to get your hands on Harry’s.

3. The Crop Cleanser by MANSCAPED

MANSCAPED has become one of the most high-profile grooming companies in recent memory. It’s made many lists of the “best body washes for men” online. They’ve produced countless products aimed at getting men to take self-care a little more seriously. Whether it’s the hair down there or the hair on your head, they want you to groom and clean yourself properly. That’s why they made a hair and body wash to add to their long line of products.

The Crop Cleanser is more than just a funny name; it means business. We’re talking about a gel-based product that features two main ingredients: aloe vera and sea salt. Together, these ingredients work to hydrate, cleanse, moisturize and reinvigorate your skin while leaving you smelling cleaner than ever. This wash is powerful stuff, and can strip you of even the most horrendous smells. That’s why a lot of guys love it post workout.

Another great benefit of this product is the focus that MANSCAPED has placed on how it can prepare your skin and hair for self-grooming. The company created this gentle yet highly effective hair and body wash to clean your body without over-drying it. They know that overly dry skin is more challenging to work with when shaving, and their aim is always to make their customers’ lives easier.

4. Dove Men+Care | Deep Clean Body Wash

Dove has been in the skincare game for a long time. There’s a good reason why they’ve managed to remain a major force in the industry. It’s all thanks to their quality of delivery. And Dove has hit yet another home run with their Deep Clean body wash.

Dove Men+Care targets the roughest, coarsest skin a man can have. The remedy? A body wash that’s violent in all the best ways. The gel-based body wash is designed to aggressively rid your body of any dirt, grime and oil. While cleaning, it also works to leave behind more hydrated, healthier and firmer skin.

You’ll be left feeling like a whole new man once all is said and done. Even better, you’ll smell fresh, with hints of sage, peppermint and eucalyptus. This body wash is made with unique ingredients paired with the more standard ones that Dove has used in the past. It also includes micromoisture technology to fight dry skin.

This legacy brand has delivered the No. 1 dermatologist-recommended product, and we can see why.

5. method | Juniper + Sage Body Wash

The Method Skin Company has been around for a while. They’ve consistently produced quality skin and hair care products that customers constantly rave about. Their men’s body wash is yet another stellar offering.

Made with plant-based cleansers, this juniper and sage body wash is ready to handle your body’s built-up dirt and grime like it’s covering up a crime scene. You’ll be left feeling fresh and smelling amazing. There are no parabens, phthalates or other harmful chemicals in this body wash, which instead focuses on natural ingredients.

The combination of juniper and sage provides an earthy, calming scent. However, if you’re not a fan, you can choose between the other four scent combos. These include sea and surf, cedar and cypress, bergamot and lime, and sandalwood and vetiver.

If you’ve never heard of this brand, you should let them help make your mornings a little bit better. This body wash is great for giving you that fresh scent we all crave in the mornings. As well as smelling better, your skin will feel healthier and shine a bit brighter.

6. Jack Black | Turbo Wash

Jack Black is a quintessential men’s brand, which strives for luxury through natural, no-nonsense ingredients. They take the customer experience seriously as well: If you go to their website, you can take a quiz to build your optimal skincare regimen using all Jack Black products.

Their Turbo Wash happens to be a fantastic body wash for men, especially for guys with dry or sensitive skin. The product offers remarkable properties to create clean, healthy, soft, smooth, rejuvenated skin. It does away with the sulfates and focuses instead on natural ingredients like rosemary extract, eucalyptus, juniper berry and shea butter. The results? For starters, the scent is heavenly. The fresh smell of eucalyptus and rosemary with undertones of juniper berry and shea butter are enough to drive anyone wild.

The ingredients also work to improve your skin. For example, the juniper berries detox your body and assist in relaxing it after a strenuous workout. Rosemary extracts work to calm your skin while fighting off bacteria. Eucalyptus decongests your system while invigorating the skin. Likewise, shea butter works to hydrate and moisturize your skin and hair.

This well-rounded product is a perfect addition to your everyday routine. This applies to you if you intend to smell fresh, have healthy skin and seize every opportunity—all in the name of Jack Black.


American Crew has a pretty cool background. In 1994, David Raccuglia foresaw a future where men would begin to pay more attention to their appearance and how they maintained and improved it. As a result, he set out on a mission to create grooming products that preserved masculinity while keeping men smelling fresh.

Today, American Crew is a leader across all men’s skincare products. Their products are so heavily featured in barbershops and salons all across North America that it’s likely you have already used this brand.

When it comes to American Crew’s 3-in-1 body wash, you’re getting a blend of synthetic ingredients along with various natural oils. Interestingly, the primary cleaning agent is a derivative of raw vegetables. How people come up with this stuff is beyond us!

If you’re a man who suffers from body odor, then this might be the perfect product for you. We’ll admit that it’s pricy compared to many other options, but it really is worth it. You can enjoy this product as a body wash, shampoo and conditioner. All three components work wonders for your body from head to toe. Your hair will feel silky smooth, and your skin will feel cleaner than ever.

8. RUGGED & DAPPER | Skin Fuel for Men

Rugged & Dapper is a brand that has been steadily rising in prominence, and if you try one of their men’s products, you’ll see why. This company was founded by husband and wife duo Ryan and Janine Labaqui, after Ryan had grown frustrated with the lack of products able to keep up with the harsh environment of his construction job.

Luckily, he had Janine to help him launch a skincare line designed specifically for men who didn’t have the time to spend hours getting ready in the bathroom each day.

The brand’s signature Skin Fuel body wash comes in the form of an oil that cleanses your whole body, unlocking pores and ridding you of the trapped dirt and grime. After rinsing off the last bit of this product, you’ll free your skin of that lingering excess oil. You’ll feel lighter, with more replenished and smoother skin, thanks to this balanced moisturizer. What’s more, this product fights odors and leaves behind the fresh scent of tea tree.

Ryan, Janine and their small team have always prided themselves in their use of all-natural ingredients as the basis for all of their products. They’ve avoided all parabens, sulfates and toxins from day one, and this body wash is no exception. Key ingredients include borage oil, rosehip oil, orange peel tincture, calendula, gotu kola, tea tree oil, horsetail extract and oregano oil.

This dual-purpose product is suited for men of all ages, shapes and sizes, and for all skin and hair types. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of this multi-use body wash to rejuvenate your skin, strengthen your hair and start your day smelling like a winner.

9. 18.21 | Man Made Wash

Have you taken a look at the presentation of 18.21′s Man Made Wash? Not only is it cleverly (and deceptively) styled, but it also has a name that is fit for a fine bourbon.

18.21 has produced a fine product that manages to stand out in an increasingly crowded market. All skin types can enjoy the cleansing and soothing properties of the Sweet Tobacco wash, which can be applied all over the body. And if you’re averse to tobacco, you’ve got other options, like Spiced Vanilla, Absolute Mahogany or Noble Oud.

This product is actually a three-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and beard and body wash that provides a deep cleanse. Everyone seems to love the Man Made Wash—we’ve yet to come across a negative review of this product. The wash is currently offered in three sizes through 18.21′s website: an 18oz, a 32oz and, our favorite, a travel-size bottle that can pack 100mL of this fantastic wash.

The brand is increasingly popping up in retailers across the United States, so be sure to check out some of its other signature products, including the Octane 100 face lotion, its Detox Bar Soap, and, for those of us who are lucky enough to need it, the Sweet Tobacco hairspray. These folks at 18.21 certainly know what it takes to ease even the most stubborn of men into daily grooming.

10. Every Man Jack Body Wash

Every Man Jack is a company growing by the day as they target more “Everyday Jacks” to try their products.

Every Man Jack’s Body Wash is ready to take on any skin type to nourish and protect your skin. That’s after it vigorously cleans away all the dirt and grime you’ve accumulated while you’ve slept, trained or worked hard all day as the successful everyday man you are!

It comes in at #10 as the best body wash for men simply because of its smell. The sandalwood truly comes through, and it’s glorious. It gives off a rugged yet gentle aroma that will turn heads in the best way. Be prepared: You are going to be a calming force for everyone around you when they get a hit of the light woody smell that reminds them of a childhood stroll through a forest.

In terms of ingredients, this is a typical Every Man Jack product in that it’s all natural. All ingredients are plant-based and include coconut-derived surfactants that cleanse and a hydrating glycerin that locks in moisture. As with all of their products, this Every Man Jack body wash does not contain parabens, harsh chemicals, dyes, phthalates or aluminum.

If you’re not a fan of sandalwood, there are other scents and types of Every Man Jack body washes you can enjoy. The six additional options are Signature Mint, Citrus, Eucalyptus, Deep Hydration, Activated Charcoal and Volcanic Clay.

11. Men’s Body Wash by Bevel

Bevel’s motto is “Be your own king.” True to those words, their products are worthy of royalty! Founder Tristan Walker created this brand after finding that most products simply did not work for his skin type. Naturally, he made his own! When deciding to launch a product line that was designed for people of color, Tristan wanted to fill an important gap that the market was not meeting—and that’s what Bevel is all about.

Designed for sensitive skin types, this is a dark cassis body wash that exfoliates, moisturizes and leaves behind renewed skin with every shower. What is truly special about Bevel’s body wash is that it remains on the skin after use, thanks to a non-drying formula. Best of all, it doesn’t leave behind any residue.

If you’ve been searching for a product that provides a strong scent that is warm and welcoming, but also long-lasting, then Bevel is probably your destination. The smell of this body wash is as complex as it is enduring. First, the flavor palate features a base of intense grapefruit before moving on to lighter scents, such as berries, botanical blooms and vanilla.

The ingredients that pull this body wash together to make it so well-rounded are just as noticeable as the scent that comes with it. The product treats you with high-quality natural ingredients like hydrated silica, jojoba esters, charcoal and argan oil. Together, these components provide a rich, detailed process of cleansing, revitalization and hydration. As a result, your skin will continuously get healthier and smoother as Bevel reduces dark spots and evens out bumps while creating well-nourished skin.

If Bevel sounds right for you, consider going all in with their Body Essentials Bundle. As well as this excellent body wash, you’ll be getting their body lotion, deodorant and bar soap.

12. NIVEA MEN Sensitive Body Wash

Nivea has long been a best friend to those with sensitive skin. A solid budget option, the Sensitive Body Wash is a workhorse that covers all the bases when it comes to cleaning sensitive skin. Nivea designed their body wash as a three-in-one, so not only does it cleanse your skin, but it also moisturizes it and can serve as a shampoo.

Nivea made their sensitive skin body wash with a light citrus scent, providing a revitalizing shower and a long-lasting fresh smell. In fact, it lasts an exceptionally long time. This body wash has been dermatologist-tested to ensure it meets the specific standards for sensitive skin. In terms of ingredients, the wash contains bamboo extract and almond oil to get the cleaning and moisturizing job done. You won’t find any drying alcohol, dyes, soap, microplastic particles, silicone or phthalates in this body wash.

If sensitive skin isn’t an issue for you, this skincare giant offers an Active Clean body wash with natural charcoal and a cool body wash with menthol and yuzu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I using my body wash correctly?

Contrary to how you may have been washing since your early teens, it’s not as simple as squeezing some product onto your hands, rubbing it around, and rinsing it off. The main purpose of a body wash is to give yourself a thorough cleanse, but that means using the right amount and applying it to the right places.

For a proper and thorough scrub, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

· Quantity: There’s a real good chance that you’re using far more body wash than you should be. When you use too much, you go through the product too quickly, wasting not only the product but also your hard-earned money. This can also lead to over-washing. Yes, you read that right. If you over-wash, you’ll wholly scrub off your skin’s natural oils, which leads to dry, patchy, and irritated skin.

As a general rule of thumb, all you need is a quarter-sized dollop. Anything more and the product is going to waste.

· Quality: The quality of your lathering also matters. You can’t just use a fistful of product, lazily spread it around and hope you get clean. Pay extra attention to your armpits and groin area when scrubbing. These areas are almost always covered up, meaning they don’t receive much fresh air and are full of moisture. In other words, they’re a hotbed of odor-causing bacteria.

Also, use a loofah or washcloth for an optimal scrub. These items help your product go further, also saving you money.

· Frequency: This part just depends. If you’ve just finished a workout, hike, or other physical activity, it’s probably a good idea to use some body wash. However, if you’re just going for a quick rinse, it’s okay to leave out the body wash every now and again. This will help your body retain its natural oils, which will benefit your skin in the long run.

Body wash vs. bar of soap: which should I use?

This is a hot debate that may never see a final resolution. Soap bars used to be extremely rough on the skin due to their high pH levels. Modern soap bar manufacturers have learned their lesson and have toned down their soaps. Now that soap bars are gentler on the skin, some bar advocates argue that they’re more environmentally friendly, since they tend to use fewer ingredients and packaging.

Those in favor of body washes argue that soap bars are difficult to properly store. People usually keep their soap in the shower. Hot and humid shower areas lead to bacteria growth, and since soap bars take ages to dry out, they can quickly gather germs. Body wash supporters also like to point out that washes can deliver hydration to the skin more easily.

Both sides make valid points, but what’s really important is that you should use one form or the other. It’s not good hygiene to forgo cleansing altogether. If you do choose to wash with a bar of soap, just make sure to store it outside of your shower and allow it to air dry after every use.

Could I use my shampoo as a body wash?

Some guys double their shampoo as a body wash. Is this good practice? As a one-off venture, it’s not really a big deal. Shampoos are made to clean, so they can occasionally be used to wash both your body and your hair.

But in the long run, we would suggest avoiding using your shampoo as a body wash. Shampoos use chemicals called surfactants, which specialize in stripping away dirt and skin for a thorough clean of your scalp. Shampoos also tend to have higher pH levels than body washes. If you use shampoo too often on your body, your skin will quickly dry out and become itchy and irritated. You’re going to be better off using two separate products.

Don’t do the reverse here, either. Soaps and body washes aren’t designed to be used as shampoos. Just like we mentioned, they’re all chemically different products. Your body wash won’t correctly clean your hair; rather, a body wash could damage it by drying it out and making it brittle.